Reward your Employees for Loyalty and Long Service Awards.


Celebrate Loyalty and Long Service

Key work anniversaries are cause for celebration, and if you mark the occasion with us you can be sure of an imaginative and memorable choice of gifts.

The Virgin Incentives Gift Card offers a diverse selection of retailers, restaurants, and entertainment options. Our broad range ensures that there is something for everyone, increasing the likelihood that your employees will find a reward that resonates with them. Valid for 12 months, the gift card can be delivered physically or digitally, and you have the freedom to load them with any amount from £5 to £2,500.

How it works

Appreciating your employees’ loyalty is a must have for productive businesses and using corporate rewards can reduce your employee turnover by 20%.

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  • No hidden fees, No admin fees
  • No contracts
  • Dedicated account management
  • Flexible payment options
  • Easy redemption for employees
Pick a budget & delivery options

1. Choose a value that you would like to gift between £5 and £2,500
2. Select a physical or digital gift card
3. Include a personalised message

Gift your employees

Once your recipient has received their gift card, they can swap this to spend with a brand of their choice! They can also split the value across lots of brands!



Benefits of Gifting Multi-Choice
For Long Service Awards:

Every individual has different preferences and interests, so giving them the flexibility to select their own reward ensures that it will be appreciated

Accommodates diverse preferences & interests, which makes it a more inclusive reward

A reward that works for a work from home or hybrid team. And employees could be more motivated to achieve long service milestones knowing that they will have the opportunity to select a gift that they truly desire

Employees can decide when to redeem their gift card, allowing them to
wait for a special occasion

A gift that can be split across multiple brands to enjoy more choice

It’s their choice.

It’s your employees choice when and where they enjoy their gift card!
We have some amazing places to create special memories and have some great times.
They can even split the value of the gift card across multiple brands to enjoy even more choice!

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